Thursday, December 23, 2010

Intelligent auto time

From the current automotive industry is concerned, there are two major trend that can not clearly see the 10 to 20-year trend is a more long-term trend of the future. The first is a new energy future, the automotive industry should be a great development of new energy trends in automotive technology, it is the pressure from the environment, because of serious pollution, resource shortages, this situation forced the people to a revolutionary automobile innovation.
In addition, we have just said, the Internet, I think "things" would be better word, or the era of intelligent vehicles. The era of intelligent auto complete is not a car product, or that it is not a car, or call it a mobile phone, computer, automotive, it is an integrated feature as one of the life, work and entertainment platform, I feel this is a car in the future trends.
From the entire world, the history of automobile development, there is also a context, and this time I feel it is the meaning of "things" such a trend, or is completely intelligent automotive products, I feel should and Mercedes-Benz invented the motor car compare the times. It started with the steam engine on the carriage car. But in 1008, with the introduction of the Model T, which changed the previous production model, and the original car only for a small number of high-level people into a popular product, this is a change. In the 1920s or 1930s, when product diversification through market knowledge, and modern management system, establishment of GM categorized the entire car market, but also for market segmentation, which is great for Ford Motor forward.

The new tests in auto time

Some drivers drive temper emergency, like opening King car, open a grudge car. Friend's car journalists sitting, especially in the peak section of the driver overtakes often encountered, and some lines do not hit the driver and light. Encountered a traffic jam when the steering wheel a turn to homeopathy to seize the retrograde path. Knowingly in front of traffic jams, still ahead rub, this often results in illegal behavior scratch accidents, traffic jams extended time more harm to the safety of themselves and others.
Cross the line to overtake, drill to drill; busy, reverse drive, do not let the line compliance; excessive speeding, overloading excessive load, etc., that is the premise of the need for self. This situation reflects the lack of responsibility and some drivers and legal concepts.
As we all know, with the condition of roads and vehicles, order, efficiency and traffic chaos under different traffic efficiency. Orderly traffic both time and security. This will require concerted efforts.

Advocating green new life in auto time

In the process of rapid development, low carbon environmental issues are also increasingly subject to attention. Environmental protection as Guangzhou Honda to develop a business, is committed to environmentally friendly low carbon economy, innovation and environmental technology research and development. In 2008, Honda launched the first carbon dioxide emission reduction plans, the end of 2010 compared with 2005 decreased by 6%, 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Raised at this year's Expo the business environmental slogans --- let the children of the sky more blue. In addition, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Marketing Planning Minister Wu Baojun also brought the concept of Toyota's low-carbon environment. Toyota has been pioneering the implementation of energy saving to do to become good corporate citizens in the policy. Factory implementation of low carbon, low-carbon products, sales channels, low-carbon strategy for the Trinity. Toyota imported 4.26 billion cost of the world's leading environmental protection equipment. Moreover, the development of solar power, hybrid technology. In addition, plans to gradually transport services and information services to the combination.

Electric auto time tests the vehicle batteries

Turning car battery, the first thought is no doubt lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries through 150 years without failure, in the nickel - cadmium batteries, nickel - hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries, new battery has been launched in several decades, still firmly occupy the majority of market share; annual output of electric bicycles nearly 20 million, most equipped with lead-acid batteries; the world's various locomotive, every car is a piece of lead-acid batteries, they are not.
Lead-acid battery with its mature technology, low cost, high security, etc. favored by many auto manufacturers, power applications in electric cars also have an enormous market share. However, it contains lead and sulfuric acid, it is a garbage dump in one of the most dangerous items, to bring a huge pollution problems. Blacksmith Foundation environmental group, said once: the world's 10 worst pollution problems, one is the error caused by the removal of lead-acid batteries.
Are now able to see the electric bike everywhere, and its batteries to most lead-acid batteries. Electric bicycle battery is a consumable for an average of about 1 year to be replaced. Insiders say: The current lead-acid battery scrap, basically could be restored, after the repair efficiency of up to 80% of new batteries, the second repair efficiency of 50% or more, after three no maintenance after repair value. For any brand of electric vehicle lead-acid batteries, and can still be repaired, through proprietary technology to repair, back into use; of the damage can not be repaired completely lead-acid batteries, recovered by a qualified business lead and zinc processing, refining Secondary Lead. However, this recycling is not always good. There are a lot of recycling waste underground processing plant, they will be recycled lead-acid batteries do not have the conditions stored in the open space or warehouse, there is no qualification process, resulting in a large number of lead waste and waste a lot of emissions.

The future auto time belongs to electric car

EVS25 exhibition brings together more than 300 enterprises, more than 200 electric car companies to participate. Can say this is the largest in the history of electric vehicles, the highest level, the highest concentration of scientific and technological achievements of the show. Thus I have come to a conclusion, the international automotive engineering concept for the development of electric vehicles has never been so unified. Electric vehicle technology for the development of innovative impulses have never been so strong. For the excellent report by many experts and forty thousand square meters of exhibition, we can see the speed the industrialization of electric vehicles has never been so accelerated. As we have the traditional car, we think it is the core technology of automotive electronics. As the escalating standards and regulations, automotive electronics technology more and more important.
The reason why electric cars are automotive engineering in recent years widespread concern, in addition to a low carbon economy, the economic crisis after the era of industrial transformation brought about the need, in my opinion is a very important factor in the last decade in battery technology break, so we see the prospects for the future development of electric vehicles. So I say, if the future of automobiles is electric vehicles, I would like to emphasize the core of electric vehicles is the battery, so today we held during the General Assembly in EVS25 advanced battery technology is very important seminar.

Byd: electric vehicle time has came

Rely on master core electric vehicle technology, BYD is currently the only set of electric buses, electric cars and power battery development and manufacturing in a high-tech enterprises. BYD K9 is the world's first low-floor level, stepping all channels of pure electric buses, innovative designs. The use of independent innovation, the world's leading wheel drive technology, motor drives on both sides of the rear axle, wheel deceleration power, conditions in the city driving range of 250 km. K9 convenient charging, charging in the charging station charging only 6 hours, fast charge as long as 3 hours. K9 BYD electric bus no emissions, no pollution, no noise, roof layout BYD independent research and development of solar cells, enabling the vehicle auxiliary battery charging. Vehicle battery technology with the iron core, with a large capacity, high security, the process of moving no pollution and recyclable and very green.
BYD e6 power to subvert the traditional concept of the car, from start to power batteries are used batteries BYD independently developed "Green Core" ET-Power-iron battery, completely away from the traditional fuel powered, so that the true meaning of " zero emissions. " e6 electric car under the integrated road mileage of 300 km, and the motor output power is very strong ,0-50km / h acceleration time of less than 6 seconds, on behalf of the world's most sophisticated electric vehicle technology.
F3DM listing of the world's first independent professional dual-mode electric vehicle charging station, charging repeatedly break, the two major technical difficulties household outlet charge, fast charge for 10 minutes can be filled with 50% of the household power supply charge and 7 hours can be filled slowly. The car costs about electricity use fuel 1/3-1/4, F3DM low-carbon version of the first in Shenzhen began the sale of individual users, opening a new era of electric cars

Don't forget ascension morals in auto time

Doctors talk about ethics, teachers talk about morality, government official talk about Germany, but also talk about the car owner is not German. In fact, the car is not only a person's self-cultivation German problem, but also represents the city's civilization.
For example, the author of the office building opposite the zebra crossing section, however, crossing the side of the intersection, but drivers often parked where they hastily ran across the road to face an impossible situation, therefore, had to detour walk through the gap in the car. Only their own convenience, so that pedestrians no way out is not too wicked out?
As another example, the road, I could not get their own speed, but had to travel in the fast lane, with a long list of vehicles behind you honk and stick to matter whether anger worth mentioning, he is pressing to shake slowly, slowly open , and made the back of the vehicle could not bear it, and sometimes had to brave the danger of overtaking scraped.